View Full Version : Medicinal liquor

12-12-2006, 07:18 PM
A little boy walks into a liquor store, and tells the owner he wants to buy a bottle of vodka. Naturally, the owner won't sell to him, as he's underage.

"It's not for me," the boy explains, "It's for my dad. He uses it as a laxative."

"Oh," the owner replies, "I guess it's OK then." And he sells the boy a bottle of vodka.

Hours later, as the owner is locking up the store for the night, he sees the same kid, staggering around, drunk as hell, with the bottle three-quarters empty.

He grabs the kid, starts shaking him furiously, and says, "You told me that vodka was a laxative for your father!"

"It is," the kid slurs, "When he sees me, he'll shit!"