View Full Version : Maybe I've been working in retail too long..

01-08-2007, 09:06 PM
.. but does anyone else annoyed when customers start hanging around you when you're dealing with another customer? I had this today when I was dealing with one customer, and separate group of customers together started hanging around behind them. There were other customers on the floor, but they started just looking at me, without actually saying anything. I sure as hell wasn't going to deal with them before another customers, but they didn't apparently have the nouse to either say something or find another customer advisers.

Of course, as I'm leading the customer to another part of the store, a third customer comes up and asks if I'm busy, despite seeing me with my customers. I pointed out that I was busy, but pointed him in the direction of someone who was free. The customers who'd been standing around looking at me, and who observed this still didn't seem to comprehend that maybe forming their own magical mini-queue wasn't the way forward.