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03-19-2011, 12:43 AM
This place is by FAR the best urgent care I have EVER been too! I hate the other one that is closer to me. My hubbie and I caught this horrible baterial nastiness. I have insurance but hubbie doesn't. Out here, being married means nothing--since he is eligible for his work's insurance he can't be on mine--he didn't get it cuz its like fifty dollars a week and he gets paid weekly. So it's crazy and he passed on it.

Anyway, the first urgent care I called said they'd charge 150 dollars and then a 70 deposit fee and it's APPOINTMENT only. At an urgent care?! Forget that crap. The second place I called--the one I now LOVE told me they don't charge until after being seen, walk ins are welcome, they can set up a payment plan, the charge is based off of what medical issue you have--the severity and if you pay all of the bill within 72hrs you get a discount. Guess where I went? Yeah!

We got there expecting a HUGE wait and there wasn't one. This place JUST opened like a month ago so I don't think many people know about it yet. We got seen separately and I don't think we were there longer than thirty mins.

I had this HORRIFIC sore throat and hubbie had a cough that wouldn't stop. The staff were awesome--all pleasant and let me ask all the questions I wanted to ask and were very informative. I even got a doc's note saying I don't have to return for 4 days. We each got three prescriptions each.

Turns out hubs and I had different bacterial infections. They were like: oh, you work in a casino right? I guess there's (what my sister called it) a huge plague right now.

So I got on FMLA with my casino and was off for the four days--all was well.

BUT then I wasn't well after the four days and had to call out for a fifth. Well, after that I was informed from my HR that I'd have to go back to the urgent care and get the note to say that I could return the next day. I was too sick to go back on the fifth day but managed to go a few days later.

I called first and asked if they could just fax a new one but no go--I had to go back in.

I went back in and it was easy as pie. I didn't have to pay the fifty dollars (thats how much my co pay is) and they just gave me the paper and that was that! Awesome.

Overall we paid about 242 for hubs. It was worth it. The total on all 6 of our prescriptions was: 72. We spent quite a bit but you can't put a price on getting healthy.

I will go to this place from now on. I've never had docs who actually CARED and took the time to answer all my questions and were always polite and remembered who I was!

Oh yeah, another cool thing: I was scared that I might have been allergic to my meds and I called the urgent care and they actually let me talk to the doctor! Usually they won't do that. That to me was great and I felt a lot better and I wasn't allergic. Everything turned out fine.

03-19-2011, 02:34 AM
Great luck finding them =) There is something wonderful about finding a doctor that will actually listen instead of treat you like a lump on an assembly line.

03-20-2011, 08:47 AM
Isn't urgent care by appointment only a direct contradiction in terms? :headscratch:

"Hi. Can i get an appointment for next wednesday afternoon? I'm going to get bit by a poisonous snake. Oh, and while I've got you on the line, I'd also like to book a slot for August 3rd, I'm planning to get hit by a drunk driver.
Great, thank you."