05-19-2011, 11:16 PM
For those of you that remember my spider-related computer troubles, here's another Tale of Misfortune.

I got my replacement screen today, printed out some instructions, and set to work dismantling my laptop. I was able to remove the back panel, hard drive, etc. (Samsung had the bright idea to build this thing in such a way that I have to gut it to remove the screen bezels), but when I got to the screw holding the CD-ROM drive in, I was stopped dead. When I tried to remove it, I stripped it, because apparently Samsung buys screws made of tissue paper and whispers. I tried the rubber band trick, that didn't work. I can't use pliers because it's still down in a hole, not on a flat surface.

I hate everything. :cry:

05-19-2011, 11:24 PM
Go to Harbor Freight Tools and purchase a left-handed drill bit set. Drill out the screw. If you're lucky, the bit will bite into the screw and turn it out for you. Alternatively, you can drill in a bit and then use what's called an "easy-out" (Harbor Freight has them too).



(I strongly recommend using left-handed bits rather than the ones that come with the extractors, but if you want to save the $8, they'll work.)