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06-09-2011, 03:16 PM
Good <insert time of day> all! :wave:

Once upon a time, the Finn zenhashi was (unsurprisingly) bored and therefore he decided to alleviate his ever-increasing boredom by looking up stories of customers.

Because zenhashi knew, there's no greater entertainment to be found than the antics they put on.

He googled hard, the rain was torrenting down and... Oops, got carried away there. :lol:

Finally, he found his way to CS.com, where he stayed and lurked for several years. Never registering, never thinking about it (for he had not had such brain bleach-worthy moments as these seasoned warriors had).

One summery day, the Finn finally caved. After working a few years at the municipal library, he had a few stories to tell himself. Not many, thankfully, but still a few. He knew that his co-workers really took the cake, though.

So he registered, and thought for a while. "How will I make my first post unique?" was the one question going through his mind.

Why, make it a story of course!

...and here we are. ;)

TL;DR version: I'm a library assistant from Finland, in my twenties and live together with my fiancÚ and our 9 months year old son.

I usually spend my time playing games, reading (prefer "Da Vinci Code"-like mysteries or comic books though I usually fall for some fantasy also) or being with my family.

I've studied Computer Science, dropped out to work as a cleaner (no stories from there, no customer interaction). Later I got a position at the library as a coscientious objector (a.k.a. doing my mandatory military service...without the military part :D) at the library I now work at.

Currently I'm working on finishing up my CS studies (going to have to exams come Fall) when there's also plans to start my apprenticeship contract for library assistant's papers.

That about sums it up, I probably won't post stories as often as I'd like (which in its own way is good...because that means I don't have that many sucky customers :D), but thought I'd show my support of the site by registering.

Keep up the good work people :salute:

06-09-2011, 03:51 PM
Well, Howdy! Glad you decided to join in the fun! :-)


06-09-2011, 04:29 PM
The librarians are coming out of the stacks! :)