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08-20-2011, 09:26 PM
Me, SO and MIL went to this local pet store in our area for some stuff for our fish tank (75 gallon and fresh water). It was my first time but not SO and MIL's (they've gone there a few times while I was at work since I didn't get off until 6:30pm and the place closes at 7pm). It was cool they had a nice selection of products but what I loved was how friendly and knowledgeable the staff were about fish and handled the fish and the other animals at the store with great care. The owner was a really cool guy and explained to SO some really cool tricks on making the fish tank nice and good for now and later in the winter season and how to make an awesome filter system without having to buy specific filter sponges/cartridges for your filter. There were 2 packs of the filter strainers that were on the shelf that allowed you to use any size filter and they were the last ones left. SO bought one out of the two packs along with the actual filter, submersible tank heater and some fish (2 Bala sharks, a domestic koi, two medium Placo sharks and a large goldfish). We checked out and then as we were heading out the owner stopped by and gave SO the other filter strainer (the second pack) on the house and out of the blue. :D So to the local local pet store, you guys ROCK!!!! We'll keep coming back to your place!!! :yourock: