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03-15-2012, 02:03 PM
So, I got a second job recently. I'm working at a gold buying kiosk, and while I like it so far, I have a nervous.

You see, this kiosk has a new manager who fired all the old staff (except one guy, and we'll get back to him) and brought in all new staff. Old staff bought $9000 in bad gold. Nine thousand dollars in fake or nonexistent gold. I say nonexistent because they can't find some deposits. Yeah... Oh, and company policy is all bad buys come out of your paycheck.

So, I and a few other people were hired, and one just got fired because she couldn't pay attention. New manager is training all of us one-on -one, and she is kinda scatterbrained and a motormouth, but she does say if something is important. New hire who isn't couldn't remember a very important thing manager said even with hints, so she's gone.

Guy from the old team might be/probably will be fired soon. Policy is you say by the kiosk unless you're getting lunch or running to the bathroom (actually policy doesn't include the exceptions, but the manager does, and you don't really get in trouble for a potty break, although lunch is eaten at the kiosk). anyway, D (old team guy), is almost never at the kiosk. We don't know where he goes, and they want to keep him because he does buy gold, if you can find him.

But I like it so far, except I fail at handing out fliers.

Food Lady
03-15-2012, 03:38 PM
They can't have a policy that you can't go to the bathroom, per OSHA. How do you figure out if the gold is real? I know about spectometers for gemstones, but what do you use for gold?

03-15-2012, 03:57 PM
We do four tests at the kiosk: a magnet test, a stamp test, a scratch test, and sometimes a drop test.

Magnet: really powerful magnet, if it is attracted to the item, it's fake
Stamp: there is a stamp on the clasp/ring that says what carat it is (usually it lies)
Scratch: we take a rubbing sample of the piece and put three acids on it, the acids will dissolve a smaller carat and shine at that carat or larger
Drop: We drop acid directly on the piece. This can damage fake pieces, so we ask first.

And the potty break thing, they just don't want us gone for a long period of time.

03-15-2012, 04:53 PM
And the potty break thing, they just don't want us gone for a long period of time.
What if you're in the bathroom because you're,um, squidgy?