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03-09-2007, 10:44 PM
Since there's a distinct lack of Spanish speaking CSRs here, we have to call an interpretor and start a conference call with them and the customer. The problem with this is, I'm never sure exactly how the interpretor is interpreting, and I really sometimes question exactly what they're saying, this is a strange transcript from a few days ago.

SC= Spanish Customer
ME= Me
Interpreter= ...well duh.

[brackets mean interpreter is relaying these bits]

Me: [How can I help you?]

SC: [I need to get the gas bill in my name]

Me: [Okay...we can't really just change it into your name, we'll have to start an account for you.]

SC: [It is in the name of [rattles of long name] I need it in my name]

Me: [Okay...um, okay...let me get a new account started for you. Could you spell your first and last name please?]

SC: [It needs to be in my name]

Me: I know, what is your name?

SC: [rattles of name]

Me: [Okay...and how do you spell that?]

SC: [spells name]

Me: [Okay...and what is the address?]

SC: [I need the gas bill in my name]

Me: [I know, and what address is the gas bill for?]

SC: [I need the gas bill in my name, the account number is xxxxxxx-x]

Me, pulling up the account, I notice it's under the very name she just gave me: [Could you verify the address that that's at?]

SC: [I need the gas bill in my name]

Me: [Okay...and what is the address?]

SC, finally consenting: [gives address]

Me: [This is in your name]

SC: [I need the gas bill in my name]

Me: This *IS* in your name ma'am. (at this point the interpreter stops interpreting)

SC, speaking English: I need it in...the name of [gives different name]

Me: So...are you [name on account]

SC: Si

Me: And...you need it in someone elses name

SC: Si

Me, wondering why the interpretor isn't interpreting, and why the customer understands me better when the interpreter has stopped: Then the new person will need to call in.



Interpreter: Anything else I can help you with today sir?