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I'm bumping this up. We're seeing a lot of posts where people make a statement that belongs on fratching but preface it with a disclaimer such as...

"Please don't take this to fratching."


"I don't want this to go to fratching, but..."

Making a disclaimer doesn't give you free reign to post your opinion on a controversial topic and then basically tell the rest of the membership they're not allowed to argue back with you.

That needs to stop. If you think your statement is going to invite debate, then please make it over on fratching or keep it to yourself.

There is one exception. If an OP knows that a sucky customer's views on politics, religion etc. might steer his thread off topic into fratching territory, that OP is perfectly free to put a note in his OP to ask that people not take his thread where it doesn't belong amd get it closed.

However OPs should keep in mind that their posts should stick to the facts and the suckiness of the customer. OPs should refrain from making statements airing their own opinions on politics, religion etc.

And if you see this stuff? Use the report button and tell us about it. Please don't respond to it in any way, even to tell the poster it is against the rules.

And, as always, it can't hurt to review the rules every now and then, especially if it has been while since you last read them. They can be found here:
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