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All of that aside, though, (because that is not really the point of this thread), there has been too much calling out on stories, making claims that the customers really weren't that sucky or the member who posted was in the wrong for posting. I have had that happen to my last 2 posts, and I am tired of it. I rarely post my own experiences anymore because of that, and I will seriously rethink posting any more in the future if this does not stop.

I have been hearing from other members who are actually considering leaving the forum because they are sick and tired of having to justify their stories.

We've even had to create a whole new forum after all these years without it, where people are meant to post stories that "aren't really that sucky, but more of a 'brain burp'." That's because so many people started calling out other members that the customer wasn't really sucky.

When I first came here all those years ago, it didn't matter. A 'customer' story was a story, regardless of the degree of suck or content.
Nobody had to beat people over the head with the concept that not all customers are sucky, and sometimes, it's the employee who is sucky. That was simply understood.
Nobody got bent out of shape because the heading said "Sucky Customers" but the customer story was more amusing or just a 'not thinking moment' than it was a sucky incident.

It would be really great to get back to that again, so people don't have to start their posts with apologies that their story is not as epic as some, or so they don't tend to embellish and spice up the story to measure up to the 'Vinegar Boy' standard.
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