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I'm hoping against hope that the proposed deal Raps has been talking about the last few posts does come together, and things stay as they are, or get revitalized, rather than this place getting shut down or destroyed by someone with no clue. Because that would just add to the stellar list of craptastic things in my life this month. My year has started off in epically horrible fashion, to be honest.

But enough selfish whining on my part.

Raps, first and foremost, as I'm sure you know, you need to do what is best for you. A lot of people have come to call this place home over the years, and clearly that has weighed on your decision-making process, but in the end you have to put yourself first. I am sure that the vast majority of the good people here will support you in whatever decision you make. Because things would be lame without this place, but think how lame they would have been if this place hadn't been around for the last ten years. And that, my friend, is your doing.

So, with all sincerity and appreciation, let me thank you for what you've done for this site and its members over the last decade, and wish you well in whatever future endeavors you pursue. I shall raise my next libation in your honor.

And now, there is only one thing left to say to you, Mr. Rapscallion:

"Captain, my Captain!"

"The Customer Is Always Right...But The Bartender Decides Who Is
Still A Customer."