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Overreaction to denied refund
Old Yesterday, 01:45 PM
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Default Overreaction to denied refund

Minnesota man overreacts when he's denied a return without a receipt. Luckily, no one was hurt.

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Old Yesterday, 10:33 PM
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And with that criminal record, what are the odds he ever had a receipt?
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Old Today, 01:20 AM
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And that's why I work in a secured building. We have too many disgruntled employees and smart, angry customers can find the address of our office.
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Old Today, 08:02 PM
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Quoth csquared View Post
And with that criminal record, what are the odds he ever had a receipt?
My estimate would be between slim and none--probably trying to get a "refund" for a stolen tool. I have a cousin who tried that sort of thing when he worked at a Sears...he didn't realize that they do periodic audits.
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