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Fewer moderators needed
Old 12-02-2009, 03:32 AM
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Default Fewer moderators needed

I feel there are way too many power-hungry moderators on here. I'm just going to stop posting if the moderators keep ganging up on everyone who gets even slightly off-topic and taking the opportunity to promote another website called "Fratching". This community is not very welcoming at all. Sorry, I'm not interested in signing up for yet another forum to separately look over from this one.

Thank you.

Old 12-02-2009, 04:02 AM
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The point why they keep promoting it OP, is because the point of the site is meant to be about sucky customers. It is not meant to be a site about the morals of society, people's political or religious views etc.
Fratching is there to take those arguments if people so choose. It is not a requirement for those arguments to crop up on Fratching.
read the Site Rules and that might give you an idea of what constitutes Fratching. That is the idea behind why they might tell someone to stop with their train of thought.
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Old 12-02-2009, 04:13 AM
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Quoth Can I have a cheeseburger View Post
I feel there are way too many power-hungry moderators on here.
Nice to be insulted for doing my job.

I suppose it's too late now to point out that in the rules it specifically states that grievances with moderators are to be kept in private, and directed towards Rapscallion, if you don't feel comfortable/capable in talking to the moderator directly.

Quoth Site Rules
2. Disputes against staff
This forum operates with a clear chain of command, and it shall be used for any member disputes against the board staff. Challenging a Customers Suck! moderator or administrator on the public forum is regarded as the poorest of personal and professional courtesy, and will not be tolerated. If you feel that a mod or admin has treated you unfairly or is behaving in an inappropriate manner, contact Rapscallion and discuss it with him.
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Old 12-02-2009, 04:37 AM
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Words kinda fail me. Not totally, so it's not that impressive, but still more than I'd expect.

The mods here work hard. I talk to a couple of them, and they do a ton of work behind the scenes to keep the community here acting as a community. As it is, they're stretched a bit thin. I'm amazed at their ability to keep this community functioning as well as they do.

As for the type of community, well, the site rules spell out exactly how a member of this community is expected to behave. If those rules do not appeal to you, then you are not going to be very happy here. I'd highly recommend reading over them in full again (you did read them fully once before, right?).

I don't always get along with the mods. In fact, I've exchanged some harsh words with some of them over the years. However, that does not change (not so much as one iota) the amount of respect I have for the hard work they put in on this community. I highly recommend re-thinking and re-reviewing your position on the mods, and your position within the community.

Very highly.

Old 12-02-2009, 05:36 AM
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Quoth Can I have a cheeseburger View Post
I feel there are way too many power-hungry moderators on here.
Me too.

I want all the power for myself.

I hate sharing it with all these other greedy, grasping, covetous ladder climbers who are only after the recognition of being moderators on an internet forum.

I like being special.
When I meet people, I love being able to say, "Yes, as a matter of fact, I AM a moderator at customerssuck.com."

When I go out to eat, I give all the managers a little wink and flash my customerssuck moderator badge and voila...the best seats in the place.

It sucks that Raps keeps getting more and more mods and I end up having to split all these perks.

Mind you, it is a bit of fun when we play CS posting roulette and decide which member we feel like picking on that particular day, for no apparent reason.

Oh, and not to mention all that cash that Raps sends our way when we recruit new members to the fratching site. I'm saving to put a down payment on that little mansion I've had my eye on, but then...those darned power hungry competitors on the mod team keep crimping my style, damn them all.

It sucks, I tell you.
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Old 12-02-2009, 06:14 AM
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The mods? Power hungry? Just because they they tell people to take certain controversial subjects to Fratching?

I'm sorry you don't like that, but those are the rules. If it really bothers you then maybe this isn't the forum for you.

Old 12-02-2009, 07:41 AM
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Promote Fratching?

Why would we do that? There's no advertising there or here, it costs a second board licence (try www.vbulletin.com and see how much that costs - just renewed it), places a heavier load on the server than running it on here, and requires more effort from the moderators. Oh, and it's another board to upgrade when a patch or forum upgrade comes along.

Why promote it? It's extra cost and effort.

Bit of history here. Controversial topics have always been a problem, and they lead to ill feeling. Mr Slugger founded this forum, and way back when set up a subforum for controversial topics. That worked until it spilled over onto the main board. He then set up the same system I now run, though it was under the name 'aviewon'.

The function of fratching is to allow people to go down the controversial routes without it spilling over onto here. It costs more in time to run, time to keep up, and in cash, but it works for this community.

Does that make sense?

Editing to add...

We do have a fair number of moderators, but it does allow people to take time off from time to time. I've also consistently seen the team going far beyond the call of duty. That's part of what stretches us thinly. Pedersen does similar extremes of unpaid work. The greeters are less formal, but another vital part of what makes the place tick. It's a community - communities need boundaries, or else they're anarchies.


Last edited by Rapscallion; 12-02-2009 at 07:51 AM.

Old 12-02-2009, 02:25 PM
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In case you haven't noticed, we have over 4000 members. We have had over 600 000 posts. We have MAYBE 10 mods, if even that. That's about 400 members to one mod. We don't get paid - we do this voluntarily.

The rules are also very simple and easy to read. There are other forums out there - I have been on a few. Not many are as well organized as this one. Why? Because we make a point of weeding out trolls and flaming.

We try to make this the on-line equivalent of the corner bar where you can go after work for a pint, some chips and have a good chat/bitch session with your mates.

But like with any privately owned establishment, we need to make sure that all the visitors and customers are comfortable. So that guy puking in the corner there? Getting thrown out. That group of guys grabbing the waitress's butt? Out. That group of girls that are dancing on the tables and spilling water everywhere? Out.

If you don't like it, there is nothing stopping you from leaving. Nothing.
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Old 12-02-2009, 03:24 PM
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Quoth Ree View Post
Me too.

I want all the power for myself.

Dammit, Ree!

Seriously, though. Thank God we have the number of moderators we have. The more people doing the job (and yes, it's a JOB), the easier the workload. Notice any spam? No? That because a lot of people work behind the scenes to keep spammers away. And that's just one example.

When I was asked, I made the choice to volunteer as a mod here because I care very much about this community. Not to mention that CS.com is a fun place to be with a wicked cool membership that is fun to hang out with. Simple as that.

I have other volunteer gigs beside this one and I feel the same way about them as well. Sure, it's work, but it has its rewards.

Hope that makes sense.
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Old 12-02-2009, 03:25 PM
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Funny Ree. I spit soda on Cat. she very pissed at me now. .

The mods here work damn hard, and have darn near infinite patience. They all generally care for the members here. This place is called customers suck, not life sucks. That's why fracthing exists. (I've yet to figure out why its called that though...).

I'm sorry you feel picked on, or feel like the mods here are out to get people, when in fact they are really keeping the peace.

I care greatly and respect them all very much.
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