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The "Florida Man" game...

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  • The "Florida Man" game...

    Have any of you tried this?

    What you're supposed to do is go to your favorite search engine, put in Florida Man and your birth month and day.

    So if your birthday is, for instance, March 30, you would put in the following:

    Florida Man March 30

    And then post the headline/link to an article.
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    Florida Man Caught Stealing Beer Says He Was Just Exchanging For Cold Ones
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      Florida Man Shot After Refusing Shot
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          Esquire dot com has a page for the "Best Florida Man Headlines of 2019". My birthdate is listed as "a rare day of peace."

          You're welcome.


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            Florida man who mailed pipe bombs to Trump critics pleads guilty
            This site proves Corey Taylor right. Man really is a "four letter word."

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              Mine, March 14, is nice. It's about a man going skydiving for his 90th birthday.


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                Florida suspect, 22, allegedly attacked mother with sausages
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                  Shirtless Florida man punches at cars after disrupting bar show

                  No article to go along with the headline.
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                    Florida man convicted of killing former FSU mascot in gumbo spice dispute
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                      Just the other day, my son and I were talking about all the "Florida Man" stories. We came to the conclusion that Florida-Man would make a great comic book super villain. Crazier than the Joker with added stupidity.

                      And here's my Florida Man entry:

                      Teh Stoopid, it burns!
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