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Dear...(part deux)

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  • Dear...(part deux)

    Continuation of an old mega-thread - Archive found here:

    Original idea: "This has probably been done here before, but it's currently going on another forum and has been really interesting. Basically, you write an open letter to anyone."

    Go nuts.
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    Dear Always Right, If you were going to argue with my confirmation of how I'm doing this, why did you ask in the first place? Yes, I know you have blah blah food safety certification for your job. I went through that, too, and have logged thousands more hours in food service than you have. Sure, we ended up doing it your way and that was fine. It's safe either way because I've done it both ways. It was your snappy attitude about the certification that annoyed me. It's a symptom of you thinking you're supremely right about just everything.
    "Is it hot in here to you? It's very warm, isn't it?"--Nero, probably


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      Dear boss, I have no idea why you keep trying to keep me. Getting me back in the office won't help. It will be the same nonsense as the last four years. It's just been intensified by my working at home. Just give up. It's taking everything I have not to toss my computer out the window.
      "Is it hot in here to you? It's very warm, isn't it?"--Nero, probably