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Military Acronyms

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  • Military Acronyms

    Here are some funny military acronyms that I've heard over the years and found on a site as I was bouncing around the web.

    And before anyone jumps me about being insensitive to those with relatives over there I have 3 cousins In-country right now. Including 1 cousin who has been on the ground in afghanistan since the first day we had trops there. Grew up around military personnel of all services in my family. My best friend formerly was in the Navy and was aboard one of the ships in the gulf. Another friend is a combat medic in the wonderful city of Fallujah last I heard and another friend and his wife both are in saudi arabia doing support stuff for the Iraq occupation. I may not agree with the politics of the situation but I have nothign but respect for the volunteer military that we have.

    That having been said I cannot say some of the jokes I have heard as this is a G rated site, but the military themselves have an excellent sense of humor.

    Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential SIR!
    My Ass Really Is Navy Equipment
    My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment
    Uncle Sam's Misguided Children

    U Soldiers Aren't Ready for the Marines Yet.
    Uncle Sam Aint Released Me Yet
    Aint really marines yet
    Spelled Backwards it is:
    Yes My Retarded Ass Signed Up.

    Never Again Volunteer Yourself

    US Coast Guard
    USCG, Uncle Sam's Confused Group
    Under Staffed, Can't Go

    General stuff
    BOHICA: Bend Over Here it Comes Again...This one could be used in many workplaces though..