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Providing some light entertainment to my ISP

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  • Providing some light entertainment to my ISP

    Yay, I got an iPad for Christmas (courtesy of my brother )

    My computer experience has been pretty much limited to desktops, which have always been plugged in -- to modems, to wall sockets, to phone lines (yes, I go that far back, LOL).

    Brother: "You do have WiFi in the house, right?"

    Me: "Ummm ...."

    So I end up calling my ISP techies: "Hi, this is Pixelated at 1400 Totally Technologically Incompetent Avenue. Have I got WiFi here??"

    This took place early Sunday afternoon. They're probably still snickering.
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    So... Did they give you a Why? Five!
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      They probably would've liked to! He was telling me solemnly that "My Mom doesn't really understand this stuff either." Thanks ... I think.
      Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
      ~ Mr Hero


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        I doubt they'd be laughing as it's a surprisingly common question. A lot of people are unaware if they're setup is wifi capable and even if it is, if it's set up and operational. My ISP only finished it's phase out of the standalone modems for wireless router-modem hybrids a couple of years ago. In fact you can do a bit of wardriving and find dozens, if not hundreds of signals still on the ISP default settings. I would also put good money that most of them are unused on the wireless end, maybe just for the odd tablet or smartphone at the most.
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          Out of the eight networks my laptop wifi can pickup from my apartment, two are unsecured. One is called "xfinitywifi" Interesting, there was one called "Jessica's Ass" for a long time, and now it's gone. But yeah, I always wonder if they changed their admin password for the router.
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