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On complimenting the waitress...

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  • On complimenting the waitress...

    OK gang l'm rounding up your collective wisdom to help me out here.
    I'm munching my way through my meal and my waitress is sporting a particularly fetching short black miniskirt and tights combination.l think this looks very nice.How do l mention it without running the risk of freaking her out or having my dessert course thrown at me...
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    You say, "You look very nice today."

    If you wish to specifically mention the miniskirt and tights, please let Mack Sennett know so he can film it for us.
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      I would not. As has been stated on this site and others, a woman on the job is not looking for personal compliments. If it makes her uncomfortable, she may feel she can't express that because "it wouldn't be good customer service." This puts you in a position of power over her, which is unfair (and possibly threatening) to her.

      I know you don't mean to be creepy, but I sincerely believe it's best not to mention anything like this to your waitress (unless, I suppose, she's been flirting with you from the start, and in that case the signals have to be crystal clear).
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        If you absolutely must compliment them, do it on the way out, after paying and tipping. That avoids a lot of the awkwardness.


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          One word: don't. She's not dressed like that for you.
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