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Update on my mother

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  • Update on my mother

    An update to this thread.

    I met with my sister J while on vacay last month (Mrs. TGK & I stopped in her neck of the woods). She and her son have been helping mother clean out her house where she lived for at least 50 years--primarily removing as J put it "dead peoples' stuff". Some was sold (mainly dad's fishing gear), some was donated (mainly the extensive books), some was just dumped.
    The maintenance and repairs were done well, including a brand spanking new furnace and central air. The house is now manageable for a very healthy 75 y.o. Also she has plans to install another washer and dryer on the main floor in an existing half bath (yes, she already has that in the basement) which will make laundry even easier for her.
    Bottom line: she will be staying in her house for some time longer. She is more than able to handle her affairs (my MIL with her dementia is another story).

    As for granny's shack: We have heard nothing from the county where that property is located. I checked with the assessor, our last name does not appear on any search--finally after 30 years the transfer is properly recorded.

    Thanks to all for the advice, prayers, etc. This is an excellent forum--one of few where posters aren't bent on winning a perpetual flame war.
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    Glad to hear everything is going so well! I'm sure she will be happy knowing she can stay in her own house for some time to come.
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      I missed the other thread but I'm glad to hear! My mom is 69 and you may remember I posted that my stepdad passed and she was not on a lot of the paperwork. Well, somehow she is able to finagle it and she is selling her house in CA and moving here and will buy a small house. She hates WI, honestly, but she's doing this for the family. My brother and I are here as well as my dad. So when my nephew comes he will live with my mom and will have the grandparents that care about him (the people on the other side of the family have abandoned him), his dad and his aunt all in the same state. I'll be able to help my mom and when she passes it will be easier to have her house close by. She's looking for something within a couple of miles of me.
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