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trip to seaside not relaxing, thanx BILs

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  • trip to seaside not relaxing, thanx BILs

    My husband has 3 brothers. Oldest is a meth head, living in Corpus Christi Tx. Second oldest lives in Houston area, about 1hour, 20 min. away. Youngest brother lives in Portland Or.

    MIL died a day befor my husband's birthday more than a year ago, a month after the nursing home locked down for covid. My husband paid for the cremation and other services, with the idea that 2 of the brothers will pay their share. We are not counting the meth headto pay his share.

    So this past friday was the internment service in Corpus. We drive with older brother (older brother is not meth head) to Corpus. All the brothers act like know-it-alls, which is not fun.

    A short story of the Older brother (my BIL). He invited my husband to Austiin to an all day concert festival, some months ago. We went in my husband's car, and this brother did not help pay for gas, or food. Husband decides to get motel room, since festival is over at midnight and didn't want to drive home to Houston that late. Brother says, "I just wanted to drive home after the festival, not pay for the motel room," He only bought my husband the festival ticket for my husband.

    So I'm surprised when BIL says he was driving us to Corpus this trip (we left Houston on Thur, plan to come back today, Sat.). He got a new (used) car a month ago. BIL has bad luck with cars. Last car ran out of water and he blew up the engine. Also, this BIL had his broke car (some muscle car) in our garage for years so I couldn't park my car in the garage. So I was dobious about the car. I told my husband, "he probably will call saying the car has problems and we have to pick him up." I was surprised he showed up. I was surprised he put gas in his own car. He still stayed in the seaside condo with us without paying anything.

    We get to Corpus Thur. night. Friday we come back from funeral and changed and were going to meet relatives for drinks but the battery of the car died. After calling Younger brother, who said he will come over in an hour (showed up 5 hours latter). Road side assistance show up, Older brother gets a jump and goes to Car Parts place. It had a 3 year warrenty that expired last month. BIL got a three year old battery (wtf, why an old battery). He thinks could be alternator but talks himself to just thinking it's the battery.

    Today the car battery dies again. A relative comes and give him a jump and help him get a battery at Car Part store (though 8 hours latter he had to go pick up his battery that needed a charge) and he drives the car to the Meth Head brother to get tools to fix car.

    Anyway, since the car died yesterday we asked Younger brother to give us a lift to Houston (Younger brother was going to Houston anyway). Brother gives no answer. Today when the car died again my husband asked Younger brother for a lift Younger brother told my husband to call relative to help with the car. Husband calls Younger brother several times for lift. He finally calls back and says, "sorry, I'm in t own an hour away from Corpus, I didn't hear your call/see your text till now." Also, my husband asked Younger brother to hang out with him, older brother (and meth head brother?) but Younger brother says, "I want to spend time with my wife." Last time Younger brother saw other brothers was before Covid. Also, my husband bought tickets for Younger brother for a baseball game. After Younger brother refused to take us with him to Houston, my husband tried to cancel the baseball game tickets.

    So we rented a car to come to Houston.

    We were renting from the Younger brother a house until he sold it ( ) and tried to get us to leave in a month. Younger brother told us, "why didn't you buy my house?" Considering he was a crappy landlord who made no repairs unless my husband paid half, the house was in bad shape and we figured it would need a lot of money to fix the foundation, the a/c, the eaves that were rotting, the hot water heater that broke within the month we were told he was selling the house.

    Anyway, I'm tired, probably sound really bitter. All my husband would talk about is going to the beach, and we can't because brother's car doesn't work and it's half a mile to beach and then husband takes a nap while BIL fixes car so I can't even go to pool. We go to beach at night but because of the coming hurricane in the Gulf the waves are intense. And we had breakfast on Sat but before we can go to beach they closed the beaches beause the high tide and high waves. And car dies and we spend 2 hours trying to get a car to Houston. Then having to take car to the airport to drop it off, so going home to pick up one of our cars. And the freeway we were on closed because of construction in Houston. Ugh.
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    Just curious: does your husband actually enjoy hanging out with his brothers (not counting the meth head, obviously)? I'd be really quick to find something else to do if invited anywhere by people like this. "Sorry I can't make it; that's the day I clean out the cats' litterboxes ..."
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      Quoth Pixelated View Post
      I'd be really quick to find something else to do if invited anywhere by people like this.
      "Sorry, I need to do my hair that day."
      "Wait...You shave your head."
      "I didn't say WHERE."
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        This is not a vacation. This is a nightmare.
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          Yes, he enjoys time with his brothers. He might bitch about them if something goes tits up. The younger brother he bullied when they were young, though the older brothers bullied my husband.

          Though recently the older (not meth head) brother moved about 60 miles from us. So we don't go visit him, though we really never visited him when he was closer. Come to hink of it, they used to live in the same house until I moved him with my husband. The brothers are the type that have each other's back but are toxic to each other. Like they call each other "bitch" and other things, and try to out smarty-pants each other. Each thinks he is smarter than the others. It sets me on edge.
          Time! Time! Time is what turns kittens into cats.

          Don't teach me a lesson; all I learn is that you are an asshole.

          I wish porn had subtitles.