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  • Leave my stuff alone!

    As many of you know, I live in a house with several other people. One of them can be pretty determined when it comes to the kitchen. She likes to cook, likes to spend time in the kitchen, and likes to have everything clean. She put up a notice (and keep in mind, she is NOT the owner of the house) telling everyone to do their dishes as soon as possible. Then she changed it to "immediately". Well, too bad; if something needs to be soaked, I'm soaking it; if the dishwasher is running, I'll wait until it's been emptied. I'm not going to hand-wash anything that can be put in the dishwasher.

    Today, she and another housemate cleaned out the pantry. I admit freely, I do appreciate this. The pantry is MUCH cleaner, I have more shelf space for my things, and it looks great. Nobody asked her to do it, but it did need doing.

    Tonight, I came home with some groceries. She had also cleaned the counter. Well, it was clean, anyway, and I'm pretty sure she cleaned it.

    I had a pineapple on the counter. I did not see it.

    I went into the pantry and looked on all the shelves. Nothing.

    She and her boyfriend were in the dining room. "Have you seen a pineapple?" I asked them.

    Yep. She THREW IT AWAY.

    Why? Because it had some scaly stuff on it. Not mold (and I've eaten pineapples before that had mold on the bottom; I just cut it off and, after removing the exterior, washed off the fruit in case any was on it). She dug it out of the trash and showed me the scaly stuff, saying over and over that it wasn't any good, and finally, that it's dangerous to eat pineapple with whatever-it-was on it.

    Yeah, bullshit. You don't EAT that part, for one. More importantly, who the fuck gave her the right to throw away someone else's food? I've never known her to be concerned about my health before. If she were worried, she could have pointed it out to me. But no, into the trash with it.

    I didn't scream, yell, raise my voice, or use a "tone" with her. I told her - several times - that nothing was wrong with it, I've eaten pineapple like that before, etc. She apologized, and I hope this means she'll keep her hands off my food in the future.

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    And this is why I love living alone.
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      Some people are a bit obsessive when it comes to cleaning. A friend of ours has been known to toss out things like the cap from a bottle of spice when he found it on the kitchen counter....while his wife was at the stove using the spice.
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        I went to the kitchen to get some food about an hour ago. She said softly, "I'm really sorry," and pointed to the counter.

        Yes. She bought me a pineapple.


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          Hmmm ... sounds like this incident might have been a bit of a wake-up call for her (much as I hate that cliché, LOL). It's nice that she's so willing to do a lot of cleanup but it sounds like she was getting more than a bit obsessive about it (wash your dishes immediately? When there's a dishwasher available, even though it's currently in use??) And produce especially can be tricky ... it may look bad but it may still be edible.


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            It sounds like she honestly thought your pineapple was gone bad. It's nice to know that she tried to make it up to you.
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              Yes, and I have learned a very valuable lesson. By remaining quiet and not flying off the handle or being rude, things went FAR more smoothly, and I believe that all is well.


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                I thought I was crazy for throwing away stuff that the slobs I live with refuse to throw away after a day or more......
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                  At least it all turned out well.
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                    I'm SO glad I don't live in a sharehouse any more. At least with my boyfriend, I don't have to tiptoe around him and hold my tongue when I'm unhappy. Having said that, though, if he was just my housemate, there is no way we'd live together - he's just too messy.