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  • Household Temperature Wars

    I think I just need to vent (pun not intended). My room is diagonally across the hall from the thermostat which is outside the kitchen. I'm in the old part of the house and Mom's in the newer, better insulated part (her room and the living room which is her domain, as I don't watch much TV and Brother is never home; she's in there alone a lot.) Despite the better ducting and insulation, she's always cold because she's 72 and a transplant from the desert. I get that, but I'm in perimenopause and get warm too easily. There is one of those electric fireplace things she could turn on to warm up that part of the house.

    Last night the heat was off altogether because it wasn't that cold in the evening and the house was fine with the windows shut. I cracked my bedroom window because I just like it 65?F or lower when I sleep. All was well with the world, especially when I woke up, threw off my down alternative comforter, and was cold enough to put on a robe. I LOVE that. I went to the kitchen and it was 65? whereas as a family we agree to 67? or 68?. I didn't turn on the heat, though, because I was going to savor that low temp. Mom got up and flipped on the heat.

    That in an of itself shouldn't be annoying except for the fact that even though I have my vent blocked off, it still gets hotter in here. It's a magnetic plastic cover and the original vent cover is metal. It's going to transfer. So now I have both sides of the window open, a window fan on, and another in front of the vent which is by the door. I'm directing that warm air into the hallway.

    Do I know that's going to trigger the furnace? Yeah. Am I uncomfortable enough to do it anyway? Yeah.
    This winter is going to be ridiculous. I know old ladies with low blood pressure get cold, but they can put on more/warmer clothes. I can't run naked. I also understand 65? is too cold for a lot of people and I'm an outlier. For that reason, bedroom windows open until June, I guess.
    "Is it hot in here to you? It's very warm, isn't it?"--Nero, probably