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What 'demographic' are you talking about ...

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  • What 'demographic' are you talking about ...

    I didn't post this under Sucky Customers because the customer wasn't being sucky towards me. However ...

    I'm ringing out a Questionable Customer (QC) and we're chatting a bit ... as much as you can these days with the plexiglass shields up. I mention that I went to [Small Family-Owned Grocery Store] to pick up some of their yummy homemade spaghetti sauce.

    QC: "Oh, I don't go there anymore."

    Me: "Oh really?"

    QC: "Yes, it's the ... demographic."

    Now this puzzled me. This small store is pretty upscale, so he wouldn't have been running into (gods forbid) any "poor" folks. So what he meant by the "demographic" I do not know ... except it didn't sound very good.
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    Sounds like he was being racist while trying not to sound like he is.


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      Yeah, dendawg is probably correct. Race/religion/whatever excuse QC was using that particular day.
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        If it's upscale, I suppose it's also vaguely possible he's anti-rich people... but unlikely.
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          Maybe they hate hipsters?