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So I guess I care a tiny bit about it.

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  • So I guess I care a tiny bit about it.

    Talked to my boss on the phone today because we got our raises and he feels the need to talk to us individually. My first response was "I forgot about that." I've forgotten several times; overall I don't care because they're nothing to write home about. It's always going to be the least amount they can get away with. I asked why they bothered for a few cents (1.something % idk). The dollar amount is the same so really, they could've left it...
    It's based on performance. Oh, the lack of cleared dollars because I spent so much time trying to hit all 400+ accounts in a month and never really got anywhere as far as resolution? I was so busy trying to note so many a day that I put follow-ups out for 4 weeks. Don't know how I was supposed to get payment that way. I was following their guideline. This year I'm not doing that. I'll never hit as many as they want per month but my dollars cleared are better. Well, I suppose I should give Boss Man credit for that. He steered us that way, whereas last year Boss Lady ruled with a whip and threatened write-ups if the set of numbers that didn't actually help the clients or the company weren't met. At least this boss knows which numbers matter.
    Still, it's kind of an insult, considering I worked my butt off last year and honestly, this year I don't. (I just focus differently so that I don't spin my wheels which is better.) I remember the first year our whole team got a significant raise and then the next year I got another one because the Director singled me out as being fantastic with clients. It's gone down to 17 cents per year. Eh; if I really wanted more money there are other companies. I just am not sure I don't want to work from home.
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