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  • Need advice regarding work issue

    I have a work situation I need help with.

    I previously posted about this situation to get advice, but I need more advice because other problems have come up regarding the issue.

    The issue is this…

    I currently work in the fuel center that is managed by a *major grocery store chain*.

    One of my duties is collecting product inside the store that is sold at the fuel center. The entire process includes 1) collecting the product, 2) scanning the product, and 3) having a member of store management verify the collected product.

    How long that takes depends on how many products need to be collected and scanned as well as how long it takes for a member of store management to come to the front of the store to verify the collected product. I must page a store manager when I am done collecting and scanning the products.

    Usually there is only one fuel center employee on staff for each shift.

    I have been told by the fuel center lead as well as by the manager over the fuel center that this is one of our job responsibilities that must be done 7 days a week.

    The grocery store is short-staffed, and so there is not another employee who can do this.

    When I am inside the store collecting product, the fuel center window is temporarily closed because there is no-one to relieve me or the other fuel center employees. So that means customers cannot pay cash at the window for fuel. The fuel pumps are available for self-serve only.

    Lately when I am inside the store collecting product, a member of store management pages me several times asking me how long it will take for me to finish or what time will I return to the fuel center. Yesterday I received many pages from the same assistant manager regarding this.

    Then a store employee told me that customers were complaining about the fact that there was no-one at the fuel center.

    A sign was posted at the fuel center stating that the fuel center clerk is collecting product inside the store, that the fuel center employee will be away for approximately an hour to two hours and to pay at the pump

    I need advice regarding 1) what to tell store management when I am continuously paged by them, 2) what to tell the store employee who told me that customers are complaining regarding no-one being at the fuel center, and 3) specifically what should the sign include.

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    1: remind them that the more times you have to stop what you're doing to answer a page, the longer it'll take for you to finish what you're doing and actually get back to the fuel center.
    2: tell the employees to either confirm with the customer that yes, that's why there's a sign saying there's no-one there, or suggest to the customer that if they would prefer to be served by a human they need to complain to someone higher up the food chain than that store because obviously no-one there is interested in making the cover available.
    3: sounds like the sign says what it needs to say. "site unmanned, pay at pump" is all that it needs, anything more is just going to confuse people because it'll need reading.
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      4: Ignore the pages.
      5: When management physically tracks you down, hand them a list of what you are collecting and thank them for coming over to help you so you can get back to the fuel center sooner.
      6: And do it all with a smile.
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        What you really need to do is file a "Hostile work environment" complaint against these managers. But, from what you have posted before, it sounds like your union is worthless. They won't protect you, and you would find yourself unemployed in short order.
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          In the meantime - find out what they want you to do: i.e., which of these mutually exclusive tasks do they want you to prioritize, and when. And get in in writing. Make copies at home and keep them there, as well as one at work, preferably on you at all times, for when you are inevitably questioned about it.
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