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Oh Dear. I Had No Idea That A Store This Small Could Contain SO MUCH DRAMA!

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  • Oh Dear. I Had No Idea That A Store This Small Could Contain SO MUCH DRAMA!

    Well, it's been interesting trying to integrate into a new full-time job after 15 years at the Big Yellow Price Tag and two years lacking full-time employment. I work for what I shall call the Alphabet Booze Barn here in the Land of Sunshine and Idiot Drivers that we call Florida. Just in the last two weeks we've had a HUGE exodus of employees. Two were expected. One is a new father taking on a work from home job so he can help raise his baby girl. The other is a young lady who got a job offer that would allow her to sell and display her art to possible customers in addition to her expected role as a secretary at a flooring and decor business. The others were not so voluntary. Of those, two health related. One had a torn rotator cuff and the other had severe sciatica issues. Can't be helped. The other two... whoah.

    I caught two of my coworkers idling behind the register engaging in some pretty egregious transphobic and homophobic conversation centered around local politics (take that to Fratching) which is a very clear violation of store policy and could realistically be considered harassment. Well, it turns out that these two had a long history of such remarks going back to before I worked there, among other issues with being jerks to some of the women that worked there. I did my due diligence and got HR involved because, much as I like my GM, I couldn't trust him to bring down the hammer. HR did the right thing and one of them, an employee of fifteen years, was escorted out the door several days later. His friend is still there, but skating on thin ice.

    Now we come to our final departure. In an unrelated incident, one of our keyholders just resigned today ahead of his impending firing and possible legal action involving misappropriation of store product.


    The upshot is that the firing of the one transphobe meant another employee that they could have potentially lost decided to stay once HR explained to her what actions they were taking.
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