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Well, that was odd.

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  • Well, that was odd.

    A couple days ago a man we'd never seen before walked in. He started looking at a particular brand of accessories we carry, stared at them for a few seconds, and started a rant. He is a sales rep for this company, and complained that he had to look us up online and nobody told him and he didn't get paid commission for our merchandise. (Well, he didn't show us the line, so...) It's kind of a specialty thing and we'd always ordered direct from he manufacturer. Bonus points: there were customers in the store while he ranted on. I guess it never occurred to him that most sales reps call and ask for a good time to come in (like, when the store isn't open and we wait on people) or that commissions come from actually doing the work of convincing a store to carry a product. Maybe he's new to sales.

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    Dammit! You are *STEALING* my free lunch!
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      Maybe he was new to sales. Now he can be new to unemployment insurance.
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        Depends on his state. In Illinois commission salespeople are not eligible.
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