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Attempted carjack in our parking lot!!!

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  • Attempted carjack in our parking lot!!!

    Last night.....sweet jeebus. This story is just the icing on the top. Today was so bad that this incident just made my night so horrible. Sigh...

    So about 10 till 11pm my manager leaves early cause he comes back in the morning (poor guy). So he leaves me in charge of the store till the night crew get there at mignight. Oh Joy...

    So there I am gaurding the door because someone conviently parked right by thedoor and I wasn't having any beer runs tonight! Then everything goes south. My cashier who isn't on SCO starts yelling and pointing out the window.

    CW: OMG that guy is beatinbg that woman!!!
    Me: what!?

    I run to said window and sure enough there's a guy dressed in all black beating this poor woman and trying to shove this woman in her van!!!

    Me: Oh S!@#. (Starts bolting for the door) Call the cops!!!

    I make it out there, but the guy is already halfway down the strip center. I head for the lady to make sure she's ok.

    Well here's a rundown of what happened based on eyewitness accounts and security footage. Lady pulls up to parking spot. Guy walks to her van. She opens door but then sees guy and closes door. Guy manages to open door before she can lock it. She manages to get out of the other side after a bit of struggling but guy is right behind her and tries to beat her back into the car. She starts screaming. Cashier hears screaming and starts looking for little girl who is our sacker hoping it isn't her.

    Customer walks out and hears screaming. He head for the scene but stops when guys pulls gun on him. Customer then turns around and heads for the store for help. Cashier sees scene and yells at me. Lady manages to hit panic button.for car and the guy gets spooked and starts running. (Yay for panic buttons!!) I get to her with customer right behind me and he tells me what happend. We stay with her while we wait for police.

    Police get there within a minute after we called. They've learned from all the beer runs we have on the weekend that it's best for a patrol car to be very nearby all night. We tell cop where suspect went. He radios and other cop car persues. Then for the next hour and a half is spent with showing the security footage like 4 times and lots of eyewitness reports.

    Well long story short I didn't leave till the cops left (the detectives stayed behind for awhile) just in case they still needed to talk to me. And good news they caught the guy!!! (Another yay!!!!!!) Still it aint over. Cops need security footage and were on all harddrive now and I don't know how to record anything to the discs so I left a note for the morning manager who will probably call me to ask what happened. Boy what a night....

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    Goodness, you had a crazy night! I'm sorry you had to put up with that, but I'm glad the lady in the car put up a fight and made noise -- who knows what could have happened!

    Sounds like you and your coworkers did everything right -- call the cops do what you can but don't put yourselves in harms way. Good for you! And good for you and the customer for standing with the lady until the cops got there. I'm sure she was a bit shaken up!
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      I agree with Persephone - if he was trying to get her into the car, you may very well have saved that woman's life. Or she saved her own life, I guess, with the panic button, but you helped.

      Any criminal who removes a person to places unknown is almost always going to hurt that person pretty bad. I am glad this story has a happy ending.
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        If you're gonna shoot me, I'm gonna make sure you do it in a lit parking lot in front of witnesses, not in some field miles out of town where no one can see.


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          that sounds like more than a carjacking, if it was a carjacking he would have got the owner out of the car, and left

          just to start the list he's got:

          attempted GTA
          attempted kidnapping
          brandishing a firearm
          criminal trespassing

          he's going away for a long time