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We are getting raises this year

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  • We are getting raises this year

    based on performance last year. Now, I know full well that probably means 75 cents instead of 45 cents....Whatever, I honestly don't care because I know my earning potential is limited in this area of finance.

    But I do want to say I'm amazed at what Collections accomplished. There is a team in India but my team lowers the boom on the client (taking payment or getting it off the books by sending to third party collections, and either option is valid.) At the end of 2020 the total owed to the company for I believe shipping and mailing, maybe other areas, was $35 million. At the end of 2021 it was $16 million. My little team of 10 or so isn't solely responsible for that but we did a big chunk. The people in India do the preliminary calls and letters a lot, but we are the ones who take the bull by the horns and resolve it finally after it's been past due for a year. We have the final conversations or attempts with the clients. We research the account histories. We re-send letters because we have to. We handle hundreds of accounts at a time. We are the ones Sales reps come to when their clients are in crisis. We create settlement quotes and present those and take the payments when the clients want to settle out early. We terminate the contracts and write off the balances. I do a looooot of that. We work hard tracking down the causes of problems, solving problems, and deeming problems unsolvable and referring them. And it pays off. Our bottom line is better which puts us in better standing with our creditors.
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