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Back in the land of the "Day Walkers"

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  • Back in the land of the "Day Walkers"

    So I know I don't post much lately, and some of you probably thought I fell off the face of the earth, but I just recently got a promotion and felt like sharing. My previous position was as an Operations Lead for a mainframe shop working on HAL equipment. We went through some restructuring including offshoring a LOT of my crews jobs to a warmer and cheaper climate (take any gripes about that to Fratching) and so the suits decided to spread the operators out into other departments. They did a really good job of keeping most of the rock stars in the family, but we lost some grey-beards as well.

    They tasked the Leads to train up the operators that were going to remain where they were to perform the duties we did, but they really didn't give us the time or resources to really do that. So in July they came to me in a meeting and said "You're moving to Hardware Support on Monday, take Friday and Saturday off to adjust." To which I had to reply "I have spent the last decade on Mids, and you think i can flip to days in 2 days? No, I will need 2 weeks to do it with any sanity left." Just an aside, I hadn't been able to take more than a day of PTO in the last 2 years due to scheduling fuckery they forced upon us, so i was squeezing them for something. They came back and said i could have a week and then i needed to hit the ground running.

    Since I have a deep seated need to eat and my wife likes it when the lights work, i said OK. And after almost 2 months of day shifts i have to ask, where did all the rock chewingly stupid people come from? Were they just sleeping when i was awake? Any way, just thought I would say HI and prove I'm not just a lurker around here.
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    Hello. The blight of stupid has been with us all this time, but it seems to be getting worse.
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