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You lied and still get cheesed off at us

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  • You lied and still get cheesed off at us

    had one of "those" orders last night. my delivery area has 27 hotels within its boarders. Several of those hotels are part of national chains that have several locations in my area. Most of the time the phone person will inquire as to which location the customer is at and if they are not in our area direct them to call the correct red roof pizza place.

    This winner specifically give the phone person the address of a location in our area. I get the delivery. Now this is during the week so the hotels are mostly empty. I knock on the door no answer. I knock again no answer. OK

    I call the phone number. Goes straight to voice mail. I head down to the desk to inquire if there is indeed someone registered to the room. I also text the number. no immediate answer. I call the store and alert the MOD about the situation. I get a text back saying the customer is yes at motel chain BUT is at a location outside of our delivery area . I call the store back and talk to the phone person and they confirm the customer did indeed give the address for the location in our area NOT the one outside of our area.

    Sorry you will have to call sister location. order canceled and I return to the store.

    One of the reasons we will not deliver outside of our area is that my franchise does maintain strict boundries and now since we are getting vehicle mileage per mile the mileage is difficult to calculate plus the other location is way out of the way for us and it is a waste of my time.

    Bonus points because the "customer" cursed out the phone person and tried to pull "BUT IT should not matter where I am you will delivery my order to me" line. sorry but <click>.
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    The customer gave you the address for the wrong hotel, and then got mad at you for not delivering it to the correct hotel? that!
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      What Ghel said

      Heck, back when I worked for PJ's Pizza, we actually had contracts with other stores in our city (even those who shared our owner) to make sure we stayed within out own defined delivery areas.
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