This customer has called every day for more than a week wondering what happened to her statements, which got lost in the mail. Today she was like "maybe someone should call the post office?" as if that was my responsibility. No, if you want to call the post office, you do it!

Her statements aren't supposed to be mailed, either. We've been slowly transitioning from a list of "do not mail" statements, which makes it easy to miss one and accidentally mail it, to having "do not mail" in place of the address on the statement. Can't miss it then! Ms. Annoying's statements were on the former list until after she called the first time last week saying her statement still hasn't come. Then I updated her statement address to "do not mail." So starting about 4 days ago, I told her that this will never happen again. But she still keeps calling to say her statement still hasn't come. :facepalm:

Is she calling because she hasn't received her statement? No. She got a duplicate copy of her statement on the 2nd. But she's still calling every day to update us that she hasn't received her statement in the mail. It got lost! Get over it!

I wish we could just change it across the board that we mail all statements, but management won't allow that. Customers who live in town want to be able to walk over to their small-town bank and pick up their statements the day they're printed.