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  • That's a YOU problem

    I don't know what it was tonight but people were just something today. I can't fix anyone's stupidity. Like these gems!

    Lady is looking for 4 roses, she's taking up space trying to figure it out. Finally, she buys a bunch of six roses and the total is $16. She has digital receipts set up with her rewards card. She's pissed because the rewards card is linked to an email she doesn't have access to and now she's not going to get reimbursed for it. She should've had the option to get a receipt! If she wouldn't told me I could've changed it so she'd get one printed buuuuut....YOU problem!

    Guy wants to change the name on a Western Union transaction he sent yesterday. Nope, we can't do anything about it. YOU problem!

    Girl comes in and get annoyed when her digital coupons don't work the way she thinks they should. Basically she was buying stuff that not only were the wrong item the price was also less than the coupon. One thing I do like about online coupons, the customer has to have the right products for them to work. Oh yeah, YOU problem.

    Two guys come in wanting to send Western Union. I point them to the kiosk and get them started. One guy is on the phone and he shoves it at me asking me to talk to the person on the other end. No fucking way. Just follow the directions on the kiosk. They managed to figure it out and the manager finished their transaction. Of course, YOU problem.

    During a busy spurt a woman is trying to figure out the rewards thing and the digital coupon thing but kept saying "I know there's a way! I'm not crazy!" Ohhhkay. I think it all got straightened out. Honestly, I kinda checked out of the transaction halfway through. And for sure YOU problem!

    For extra funsies, the company is asking for donations that comes up on the pinpad before any payment is taken. Nobody looks at the pinpad and just keep tapping, swiping and pushing the card in the reader wondering why it's not working.
    And the registers were running slow and freezing up.
    I would have a nice day, but I have other things to do.

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    Thread title reminded me of this...