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My biggest SC of the tax season

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  • My biggest SC of the tax season

    This PITA of an SC had gone to other offices of my mega tax chain, so the drill should have been familiar to him. He had a lot of forms, property tax bills and docs related to the sale of some rental property.

    First of all, he was married filing jointly and did not have an ID for his wife. Our franchise owner will not transmit without that (unless he has a POA document). He was in contact with her as he sent and received text messages.

    When I went through the paces and entered and calculated the result, SC then remembered that he bought an electric and car and asked about the tax credit. Well back to his vehicle for the sales documents. Sure enough, he qualified for the full credit. Even then he still owed five figures. He protested that it was a house sale. Yes, but not his residence ($500k exemption for his filing status). This was the sale of rental property which has no such benefit–it’s just another capital gain, IOW, no different from a stock sale.

    Even though this was far from the first time using our firm, he demanded that I print out the contract and documents that he was to sign. We do this electronically for security reasons (i.e. nothing on paper so identity theft won’t be a question of breaking and entering). I turned the monitor so he could see it and he stated that he couldn’t read the documents because he had glaucoma (which somehow didn’t keep him from driving). Remember this is not his first visit to my mega chain, so there would have been little, if any, difference with the prior year contracts. (SIDE NOTE: I would later do a return for a judge who was just fine with seeing the monitor and accepting my one breath outline for each place to sign). I spent the next hour printing those out (it took a few minutes to find the work around in our software to print them out unsigned). Good thing it was a slow day.

    He took the papers I printed and the documents he brought and left without completing his return. I would not hear from him until the second week of April when he asked about the original contract for the rental property sale. When he arrived I printed what I scanned. Despite his glaucoma, he looked them over and said these weren’t the right ones. I averred that I returned all he brought and did not see what he did with them.

    He said no, when I asked if he was willing to complete the tax return.

    TLDR: I spent hours with a [CENSORED] and went out my way to accommodate his requests and he still refused to pay and complete his return with my mega tax chain.
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    Time to tell the IRS he needs to be audited.
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      So he could file it himself and stiff the chain. F him.
      Sarcasm dear, sarcasm. I’m well aware that dealing with civilians in any capacity will skin your faith in humanity alive, then pickle anything that remains so as to watch it shrivel up into an immortal husk thus reminding you of how dead inside you now are.