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  • Pettiness Tolerance Hits New Low

    I was about to close up the motel reception when I get a call. It's one of the guests in the rooms (too lazy to walk up to the desk). They're reporting that one of the TV channels isn't showing up. I try to troubleshoot them by telling them to switch to an alternative local frequency. Still didn't work. The lady then goes off and says that if she misses tonight's episode of Masterchef she will be demanding a refund.

    My head ground to a halt for a moment.

    I come up to the room and try and help out. I was in full 'holding in bad words' mode and the lady is going full Karen and saying accommodations should have functioning TVs, how they should be smart TV's and demanding a refund if I couldn't get it working. I offered to move them to the room next door after I tested the TV in there. I hand over the room key and she and the husband start moving their stuff while having a spat with each other.

    I report this to my supervisor and get roped into a lecture how I need to keep my cool and I should have tried re-tuning the signal in settings.

    Lady, you're 60 years old. You should know that missing one episode of TV is not the end of the world let alone grounds for a motel refund. Even if I could I can't because you booked through a third party site and are bound to the non-refundable cancellation policy. Most people are on the road to get OUT of the house. If you wanna watch TV like the lazy hag you are, stay at home. Pretty sure I shot her some dirty looks and got sarcastic with her during the whole ordeal. The TV's work! I can't control when the TVs bitch on me and fail to pick up the signal.

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    I hate to sound all ageist (the age of 70 being closer to me than I'd like) but for a lot of people in this age bracket (okay, and probably other age brackets as well) something as puerile as this IS a big deal. I live in an apartment building geared to those 50 and over, and it never fails to boggle the mind how often a fellow tenant will present some minute details of another tenant's life that isn't of any importance to anybody else ... unless you're one of those people who has nothing better to do with their waking hours than watch everybody else in the building.

    No wonder I'm anti-social.
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      Quoth Pixelated View Post
      I hate to sound all ageist (the age of 70 being closer to me than I'd like) ...
      Don't worry. Soon the age of 70 will be getting further away from you, as it is for me. I'll be 75 in August.
      "I don't have to be petty. The Universe does that for me."


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        Yeah, I don't think age has anything to do with that one, it's just a weird thing some humans do when they are of the opinion that The Others Aren't Living Right Like They Are. Smile & nod if you can, moving swiftly away is also an option.
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