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Sometimes I guess they can't help themselves

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  • Sometimes I guess they can't help themselves

    The scene: a Saturday afternoon in wedding season. Man rushed into store and asked if black bow ties were available. They were, so he offered to buy one. Salesperson asked if he needed help tying it,and yes he did, as he was in a big hurry to get to a wedding as an usher or something. Salesperson was tying the tie while customer related tale of lost bow tie in rental suit, then asked what our return policy was. Well, you can return anything you're unhappy with, salesperson said. Good, said the customer, then I'll just be returning this tomorrow.

    Salesperson never stopped tying the tie, but told him firmly there would be no returns on something he was wearing out of the store, adding we weren't a rental service.

    I know people do this, return stuff they've used or worn. Who says they're going to do it while you're doing them a favor?

    Epilogue: several hours later, customer was seen running down the sidewalk, and the comment was made, "There he goes, sweating in our tie."

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    Good grief.
    It's hard to say whether he honestly believed he could do that, or whether he was in such a dither due to trying to get the tie and get to the wedding that he didn't activate his brain before putting his mouth in gear.
    Thank goodness you were at least forewarned, though; otherwise he might have come back the next day and said "Oh, I didn't need this" or something equally false, to somebody who wasn't aware of the previous day's interesting little conversation.
    Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
    ~ Mr Hero