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God bless you, ma’am

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  • God bless you, ma’am

    Didn’t see this one coming at all.

    It was a very long, busy, sweaty, exhausting week at work this week. No problems, just busy. I was tired, but I had to stop in the way home for milk, kitty litter, and I really wanted to get some Epsom salts to soak my tired aching feet. Rather than make multiple stops I went to Walmart. I normally don’t like going there because even during a pandemic it’s always crowded and of course what I needed was in opposing corners of the store.

    After spending much longer there than I would have liked, and buying more than planned, I went to self checkout. I rang in and bagged all my stuff, reached for my wallet and....wait that’s not my wallet, that’s a folded up wad of papers. I checked my other pockets....son of a..!!!!

    I’d left my wallet in the car

    I hit the “Assistance” button and someone headed over. I explained the problem and she started to suspend the transaction while I turned to apologize to the woman waiting behind me in line.

    To my complete astonishment, instead of getting upset, or saying “no problem,” she pulled out her debit card and paid for my stuff!!!!

    I started to object, explaining that I had the money but had simply left my wallet in the car.

    She insisted.

    I asked her if she was sure. After all, $42 is *incredibly* generous.

    She said she was “absolutely” sure and swiftly entered her PIN.

    I was stunned. I looked her in the eye and said “God bless you ma’am, and thank you very much.

    I hustled out to my car and grabbed my wallet. I actually had $42 in it (a rarity....I seldom have more than $10 cash on me) and I wanted to try and pay her back, but i had lost sight of her and didn’t see which way she went.

    I’ll say it again: THANK YOU!!!

    I need to find a way to pay this forward.

    (I tweeted about this also #PayitForward #RandomActsOfKindness. Within 60 seconds someone replied with a direct request that I send them money. At the risk of sounding like a jackass, no way. Helping a random person in real life is one thing. A random person online is another matter. Besides, there’s no way he could have typed that much that fast. Pretty sure it was a bot)
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    "We guard the souls in heaven; we don't horse-trade them!" Samandrial in Supernatural

    RIP Plaidman.

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    I have been seeing this a lot. Well, not a lot, not like once a day, but a LOT more often than previously.
    Apparently part of the general reaction to the pandemic has been that people will sometimes randomly pay for the person ahead of them in line if there's any snag in their transaction. And it seems that most of the time the snag isn't of the "I don't have enough" variety, but of the "Oops, wrong card" variety. Like as the person is pulling another card from their wallet, the other customer insists on paying.

    It'd very nice to see people trying to counteract the uptick in suck in the world by increasing the amount of awesome.


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      My wife and I bought a $20 fundraiser pie to support a local high school band. Part of the way there!
      "We guard the souls in heaven; we don't horse-trade them!" Samandrial in Supernatural

      RIP Plaidman.