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She LIKED me! She really LIKED me!

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  • She LIKED me! She really LIKED me!

    A couple of days ago I was on my usual 11:30-4:30 shift (which, sadly, appear to have vanished, now that my hours are cut) and it was slllllowwww.

    So when I saw a woman waiting with a huge handful of clothing, I waved her over.

    Customer: "You sure you're ready for this?"

    Me: "Sure!"

    It was only then that I saw the massive fistful of gift cards she was also holding ...

    Anyway, we get the clothing sorted and paid for. That's when she tells me the gift cards are going to FIVE different people. AND she's worried about having everything on one receipt since she (understandably) doesn't want the whole world, so to speak, to see what she spent and wonder who got all the REST of the gift cards ....

    So I say "Why don't you split them up into five different piles ... these cards for one person, these for another and so on ... then I will ring through each pile separately, you can pay for each pile separately, and you will get a receipt for each recipient that shows only that recipient's cards ..."

    Well, she thought that was great. So she starts separating the cards into piles, and when she's done I start ringing through the first pile. She pays, I get the receipt and put that pile and its receipt into a small produce bag. Go to the second pile, ring them through, she pays, I get a receipt and put it and the cards in a different produce bag. And so on, with each pile of cards -- each pile got its own receipt and its own little bag. It took ages, but as I said, it was SLOW, and she was quite unfazed by the time it was taking. I put all the little bags into a shopping bag and handed it to her. She thanked me profusely and went off very happily.

    A few minutes later the HR lady comes up and tells me I just got a very very fulsome compliment from a very happy customer ....
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