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  • Honest customer

    An elderly gent came through my line today with a very small order. First thing he does is hand me a wrapped parcel from meat/seafood.

    Customer: "Can you weigh this?"

    Me: "Uh ..." (Actually I don't think I can.)

    Me: "Do you think you've been overcharged?"

    Customer: "No, UNDERcharged." He'd seen the employee add a piece to the package and I could only guess it had been added after weighing, which is why it worried him.

    I scanned it and said "Well, the computer says $XX.XX, so ... I'm gonna go with that. I never argue with the computer."

    The customer was pleased enough, but I've never seen anybody come through with something that was priced by weight and ask me to re-weigh it because they were worried they'd been undercharged.
    Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
    ~ Mr Hero

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    It's nice to see honest customers like that They're the ones who deserve to get little rewards from time to time.
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