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The Body Snatchers ... the happy version

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  • The Body Snatchers ... the happy version

    Today was definitely an odd day.

    1) I was handing out change when I dropped a "toonie" on the floor. Apparently there is a Niffler hiding somewhere near my register because the toonie just ... vanished. I never did find it. I told a couple of customers about it, in amusement, and one offered to give me a toonie to replace it. She made the offer several times. I kept assuring her that management wouldn't make a big deal out of it (I'd already told a supervisor) ....

    Customer: "Are you sure? Really, I'll give you a toonie so your till won't be off ... Really?"

    2) We have a table set up at the front with small candy bars and granola bars and bottles of water for the customers. Two customers each went and got a small candy bar and came back and gave it to me.

    3) A third customer not only gave me TWO candy bars but tried to press a bottle of water on me as well.

    Me: "No, please keep it, it's hot out there and you need to stay hydrated."

    Customer: "Oh, but you need to be hydrated here too!"

    I had to promise her that on my break I could refill my own bottle with fresh cold water from the water cooler before she would tuck the bottle into her bag of groceries.

    Seriously, WTF??

    But in a good way, of course.
    Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
    ~ Mr Hero

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    I've had coins just vanish like that, too. It's even weirder when you SEE it on the floor, then take your eyes off it for a second and look back and it's just gone.
    You're only delaying the inevitable, you run at your own expense. The repo man gets paid to chase you. ~Argabarga