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Ah God bless the little community bus

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  • Ah God bless the little community bus

    So at the bus station I noticed leaving soon there would be a little community bus doing a run to a village.I hadn't been there before and I'd have hour or so to pootle around before it came back for the return stint.
    Now there are two stops-the harbour and just outside the village.In the winter, it only picks up from the harbour by request(and that's not just waving him down, that's ringing up the day before and saying I shall be at the harbour. Collect me).On the way down,Driver 1 throws everyone out at the car park and finishes for lunch. On the return journey Driver 2 collects you slightly further up the hill at a little triangle.After doing my pootle(and a very lovely village it was too),I got to the triangle place with a few minutes to spare. As Driver 1 was heading home past me, he showed me exactly where to wait and told me he had messaged Driver 2 that there was someone waiting-do not go without him.
    Having got happily back again I realized that I only had one debit card-the other one which I used to pay my fare was still in the bus disappearing over the horizon.
    I emailed the company and got a very nice response-yes we have your card.We haven't called the bank as they would cancel it, but we can return it to you. Now the other problem was-this was a Thursday. The next journey would be on Tuesday(!!), so I arranged that I would get to the bus station before he left. Driver 1 was happily there with my little card safely in an envelope waiting for me and had said he would not leave until he made sure it got back to me happily.

    They might only run a bus service twice a week but at least they look after their customers (I suppose you really don't want to leave a customer behind when it's half a week before they can be returned)
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