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Helpful Customer, Coworkers, and Store Director

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  • Helpful Customer, Coworkers, and Store Director

    Today, I was really late for break and my vision was going blurry, I was shaking, and I was having trouble getting through the orders. At least one customer went to the service desk, twice, to see if anyone could get me out. The produce employee came in for me and finished out the current order. The service desk coworker that was about to leave had me go sit down in the cash room and the store director was paged.

    One of the checkers brought me a soda but it was diet so I couldn't drink it. I had some Gatorade in my tumbler so I drank that. The store director came up to make sure I was all right and I let her know what happened. She even made sure I had something to eat for my upcoming break which I did.

    I got my blood test results back recently and the glucose part came up normal. It turned out that the same thing happened when the doctor stepped out of the room. Instead of letting the doctor know, I ended up eating something. My service desk coworker suggested that I have the blood test redone.

    The customer even had me take some deep breaths. Unfortunately, that didn't work.
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