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    So anyways, I posted this many many moons ago, but it's one of my very first encounters with an SC, so I will always remember this glory!

    I was training in the bakery back when I was still in high school and working at the grocery store. I don't remember what I was doing at this time, but I was within earshot of everything and got to be a witness to this beauty.

    A lady came and picked up a birthday cake for her son. As usual, the cake decorator showed her the order, and the cake, and both the decorator and the customer checked the cake to make sure it was right, the kid's name was spelled right, all that good stuff. The cake was just how she wanted it, and she gladly took it and put it in her cart, and off she went.

    Some time later, I'm wrapping and labeling bread or something when this lady comes stomping up with a customer care lady in tow. She's holding the cake, and red in the face. Apparently, she had gone to the desk demanding a replacement because the cake we sold her was messed up. She handed the cake to the decorator. The once-lovely cake had a giant hold in the middle, like someone had stabbed it through the box and down into the cake, thus ruining everything. Of course, the decorator explained that this cake was NOT in this condition when the customer picked it up, she showed it to the lady before she took it and everything. But NO, this lady INSISTED that she was TOO BUSY to look at it, and when she got outside, she saw the cake, and now wants a WHOLE NEW ONE made RIGHT NOW for free.

    The store manager was called, and the bakery manager pulled off her lunch. The lady was at first told there would be no free cake, but she was kicking up such a storm, that the bakery manager offered to make her a cake and knock 25% off the price, which would make it the cost of an un-iced sheet cake. This STILL was not good enough for the lady. She wanted a new free cake. And NOW. Otherwise her son's birthday party, which was THIS AFTERNOON, would be ruined and it was all our fault.

    I don't remember how it ended, if the lady took the deal off the new cake or just left, but she finally did after screaming and making a scene for a good 15 minutes.

    Some time later, a bagger came by from the front and asked the decorator if she had to redo a cake. The decorator asked him how he knew there'd been a ruined cake.

    Well, the baggers also go outside to get the carts. This particular bagger had been out gathering carts when he saw a lady loading groceries into the back of an SUV. A large german shepard leapt into the back of the truck, with one paw landing square in the middle of a cake. The woman cursed at the dog, yelled at her kids to shut up and stay in the truck, loaded the jacked up cake back into her cart, and stomped back inside. The hole in the cake had been from a doggie paw.

    So this lady wanted US to make up for the fact that she brought her dog with her to the store, I dunno. The decorator immidiately called the managers to share the story.

    Yeah, I learned early on that some people have no shame.
    I may be free from retail, but the nightmares still linger.....

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    I hope the bagger told management.

    Honestly, the NERVE of that woman!!!!!
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