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Asking for what I (for once) don't have

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  • Asking for what I (for once) don't have

    A few weeks ago we reinstated our cash-back service ... it had been completely removed from the system for about a year.

    So the other day a customer wants $200, which is the maximum amount. No problem.

    But ... she specifically wants two $100 bills.

    And normally I have them in my till -- 3, 4, even half a dozen (it's amazing how many people pay for $300 or $400 worth of groceries with cash).

    But this time? Nope. I had to send a front-end supervisor scrambling to the office to fetch a couple of $100 bills.

    The customer was fine with the wait, by the way.
    Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
    ~ Mr Hero

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    Said customer should consider themselves lucky that you even had anywhere near that much cash in the till -- many places force a deposit once the total cash even gets close to $200 for security reasons.
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      This place is quite the opposite. I've had to go to a supervisor and ask/demand/tell them to clear out my cash drawer because the section that contains the 20s/50s/100s is damn near overflowing.
      Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
      ~ Mr Hero