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Work is going to be hell...

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  • KuariKaydrith
    csquared , you aren't the only one who thinks I'd be able to fix the place if given the opportunity. Several of the other staff think I could save the place from completely tanking, but we also all know that the Big Boss will not let anybody wrest control away from her.

    One of my co-workers is currently going to school for accommodations and hospitality, and she's heard from instructors and fellow students that the Big Boss is well known for her antics. Out of places to work once graduated from the program, we're dead last, and it's all because of the Big Boss. It's easy to see why, and the worst part about is that the owner doesn't seem to realize just how badly she's been running the place for entirely too long. Honestly, I think that everything is spinning out of her control which is why her attitude is getting worse. I do know that the next time she screams at me that I'm walking out, job or no job. I can quit and easily file for unemployment due to it being a hostile work environment.

    Several of the employees are already dreading what's going to happen when I leave because I'm really the only management person left who treats them like humans. Even my soon to be former co-worker had been turning into a bit of an asshole by expecting the rest of the staff to just magically have all the rooms done before the previous night's guests had even checked out, and we're not even going to touch on how he's been playing with the schedule to the point where if he'd given himself yet another 3 day long weekend but screwed me out of my weekends entirely I was going to shove the schedule up his ass, sideways.

    I may suggest to the one co-worker to try to get it in writing from her classmates and teachers about how shitty the reputation has gotten with Big Boss running the show so I can send it all to the owner. Maybe THEN he'll get a clue and make sweeping changes before he loses the place entirely. As it is, he's finally started questioning where all the money is going that he expected to be in the bank - I know how much the accommodations side of things brings in and how much is legitimately paid out, and there's way too much that is unaccounted for. It's going to be ugly if/when the owner brings in a forensic accountant to do an overall deep dive.

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  • csquared
    You got two choices at this point.
    1. Become Alpha so you can actually fix all of these issues.
    2. Get the hell out of Dodge.

    Personally, I am hoping for #1. I see you as the kind of person who could fix that place if you were allowed.

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  • Pixelated
    It sounds as if you are in the Workplace from Hell. I hope you can find another and better job quickly, so you can dump all that crap into your boss's lap and walk out laughing.

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  • KuariKaydrith
    started a topic Work is going to be hell...

    Work is going to be hell...

    I'm already actively seeking a new job and I know that I'm going to need out sooner rather than co-assistant GM gave his two-week's notice today. And I just know that the Big Boss will expect me to pick up the slack and do the job of two people. I wish my co-worker well though - he's going to a job with more pay, better hours, and less responsibility. His wife already works for the company he's going to so he knows that the work culture there is MUCH better than what we've been dealing with for way too long. And considering that my co-worker has been with the current company for ten years it was only a matter of time before he finally plucked up the courage to look for something else.

    Now I just have to do my best to get the hell out of there before I end up going out on stress leave. I'm still actively looking and interviewing, and at this point I'd even go back to fast food if I thought my body would handle it.

    But I've already got my demands written out in the event the big boss tries to get me take on yet more responsibility once my co-worker is gone:

    1 - get rid of Douche-Bro.
    2 - pay me more.
    3 - give me full hiring and firing rights.
    4 - leave the running of the hotel and the bed & breakfast to me and butt the fuck out.
    5 - if you're still going to be expect me to be on-call all the time, supply me with a reliable work vehicle that the maintenance crew can't take off with and drive into the ground,
    6 - don't expect me to handle event planning, ordering, and cooking because you got the wrong gal. Just because my co-worker did all that it doesn't mean that I'm even willing to give it a try.
    7 - don't expect me to work every weekend, because that ain't happening
    8 - I can handle scheduling because I used to do that before, so that ain't a big deal, but make sure I've got the availability sheets for everybody...oh, and expect proper availability sheets to be created for staff to use, especially the part-timers and students
    9 - expect for me to push to get things properly stocked every week.
    10 - and, finally, fucking listen when I tell you stuff about staff instead of brushing it under the rug - we'd have gotten rid of Douche-Bro before we even had to do an investigation into him sexually harassing another employee...and he's starting to do it with yet ANOTHER employee ffs!

    My stomach is in knots thinking about just how things are going to go completely sideways at the hotel. If I knew that I could trust my big boss to actually listen and do her damn job, I wouldn't be feeling literally sick over what this change is going to bring. I've already been stressed out to the point that my mental health is the shits, but this is going to just make things worse because I already know that the big boss is going to dither around and expect the current staff to fill the void while piling more work on us than we can handle. Just fucking no.