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  • Bonzo?

    Posted this a long time ago when Mr Slugger owned the board and I was a retail minion. One of my customers was a really good person, and she told me about the time she took her golden retriever to the vet's for a check up.

    She went in to the waiting room with her hound and sat down, nodding pleasantly at the other people waiting. A moment or two later, the vet came out of his examination room reading a piece of paper.

    He looked up. "Bonzo?" he called out, looking around. Not one of the dogs stirred. "Bonzo?" He whistled a couple of times. "Bonzo? Here boy!"

    A very well-dressed lady next to my former customer stood up, holding the lead to her red setter. "It's Mrs Bonzo, actually," she said in a tone that could cut ice.


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    Talk about unfortunate names! And I thought a friend of mine with the surname 'Burke' had problems...
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      Quoth greek_jester View Post
      Talk about unfortunate names! And I thought a friend of mine with the surname 'Burke' had problems...
      Hey, I've met a guy whose last name was Timm. A man who had less love for Monty Python I have never met.
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        At TTO's high school, the groundskeeper's surname was Tickles. They named their daughter Theresa.
        What's the pet name form of Theresa?
        You figure it out - poor kid!
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          Either the vet should've read the paperwork better or the woman could've filled it out better.
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            LOL.... Tess Tickles

            My Mom wanted to name my lil bro Neptus Uranus... Think he would have gotten made fun of?
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              I'm surprised the vet didn't look around the waiting room for a chimpanzee - accompanied by a B-movie actor who later went into politics.
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                Quoth greek_jester View Post
                Talk about unfortunate names! And I thought a friend of mine with the surname 'Burke' had problems...
                I once had a customer with the last name of "Schmuck". I'm sure he got a lot of flack for that...
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                  I had a customer named Jason Vorhees. Smoked American Spirits. Kinda short and skinny. With a glare that could topple mountains. I joked once about his name.

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                    I've had customers with the last names of Batman (pronounced Bateman) and Hamburger as well as a customer named Paul Apostle. When The Lord of the Rings movies were in the theatres, I had a conversation with an Indian kid named Rohan, who was a little tired of people asking where the rest of his riders were.
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                      When I was in High School (or maybe it was Junior High, I'm not sure, it was that long ago ), we had a school nurse who had an unfortunate name which was her own doing.

                      Learn from her mistake: If your parents name you "Gay," do not marry a man whose last name is "Love."
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                        My managers were prank calling into the pizza place and asking for stuff like hot dogs. We have caller ID so we knew it was them because they were using an office phone. Then I received a call telling me to add four cokes to the pancakes order. He said it exactly like that. I must have been an ass to him because I thought the managers had a cook call from one of his cellphones. Turns out his last name was pancakes.


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                          My little brother was almost named Jack Aulph
                          I see dumb people...

                          "I think I died long ago, and you two are my eternal punishment"
                          "You're like a constant downer, huh?"


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                            When I worked at a hotel one time checked a guy in whos last name was Dickinsheets. Checked in person whose last name was Butts.


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                              I serviced a card access system for a guy named Richard Head... and he used the usual nickname...

                              Of course when I was in school I got asked how Roy was last night...

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